Test: Walther P22 Pistol


Elephant holsters for the P22:


One of the benefits of being a holster maker is gun testing. Long time customers often will allow me to fire their guns, some demand it, others bring ammo to shoot!

I had to make a rig for a P22 rig (right hand with matching mag pouch, black). Since I only have molding guns for the 1911 and a few others I needed to mold around the actual pistol. Since it was in my hot little hands, it got shot, ALOT!

First and foremost, this gun is FUN. Bringing the fun back into shooting is important. Sometimes we get a little to serious with defensive, target, training and such and forget that SHOOTING IS FUN! This 22 certainly brings enjoyment!

A quick Google search brings up a pile of folks who have had bad luck with the gun. I contacted a few disgruntled owners to find out a few things:

-they fed the gun low power/low quality ammo.
-they ran the guns with NO lube or cleaning or break in.
-there was a bad batch of mags that Walther DID fix if needed.

There was proof of hardware error with company support, and enough proof of people trying to make the gun work with poor ammo. (experienced 22 owners will understand this statement).

Now that the negatives have been addressed AND fixed. SHOOTING!

I might have mentioned FUN before. Gosh, I cannot begin to tell you what a blast I had with this Walther.

Sights are 3 dot, trigger is Crunchenticker style (DA/SA), a teensy safety is on the left side of the slide.  This is a scaled down pistol from “normal” guns. Even so my medium sized hand found the grip comfy and ergonomic.

Take down is odd for this pistol, download the online instructions via the Wiki. (scroll to the botton, look for the PDF link, good info here too. Cleaning is a breeze (use a spray cleaner, really….don’t detail strip). Mil Comm’s TW25 spray works superb for the action/trigger assembly with a dab of grease on the high-wear parts.

Accessories: The laser that Walther sells for this is a cute unit, a superb cat toy too. The bezel WILL pop off, S&W (one of the importers) is well aware of this and will send replacements if needed (sometimes at a small cost, sometimes free). I am critical of Lasers, this one adjusts and keeps zero fairly well and is easily seen. Activated is by a SMALL switch that is tough to find.

Ammo: Use high speed, try all the brands of ammo you have on hand, use what works. It’s that simple.

I would not hesitate to carry this pistol as a backup (or a backup to a backup) or in the woods for squirrel/varmint hunting.

Go buy one!

Holster Price Black or Brown $55 plus shipping. $45 for a natural leather.
Turnaround time is usually 2 weeks.

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