Test: Tikka T3

NOTE: 03/2010, This rifle might be for sale, email me if interested. $625 no optics


Range Report:

Tikka T3 30.06 (wood stock)

This gun was picked up as a “model” for my new line of walnut bridle leather slings, shown with the optional duracoat quick adjust buckle! The wood looks GREAT with the new leather. I mounted a 2 point sling on this to show off that I make normal carry straps as well as the Ching Sling. ( www.shottist.com to see more slings)

Pre-Shoot thoughts and opines.

-Affordable gun, look for street pricing in the mid-6’s. Before you cheapskates balk, note that this gun comes with 1″ scope mounts (foremount has a vertical pin to stop fore/aft movement, wise idea), a set of 1″ quick detach swivels (ingenous design too!). A trigger lock is added in box as well as an allen wrench to mount the scope.

-Easy to work on. The action is held in place with 2 straight tipped screws, I popped the action out, dabbed some oil on the screws, action and trigger for corrosion control/lube/ease of maintenance. Trigger guard is a rugged plastic.

-Single stack mag. A pricey item but it seems durable, holds 3 rounds and works. It inserts easily and stays put.

-Wood stock: not a bad stick of wood. Checkered with a decent buttpad.

-Sights: Scope only, no open sights.

-Action: Sako style extractor with push feed. Slick…VERY VERY slick and smooth to work.

-Trigger: A tad heavy, but user adjustable and good instructions in the manual to adjust

I mounted a Leupold 2-7 on it as an all around scope. This scope in 2 power is FAST on target aquisition, is clear and has lengthy eye relief making it suffice for a practical-rifle for me. Much of my shooting is done with dot sights, scout scopes or wicked cool long range glass, this is a departure from the norm for me and useful for this rifle and it’s mission.

Shooting: It shoots well. Certainly better than I ever well. A few rounds went sub-MOA (sheerly by accident, not by skill!), the rest grouped nicely. Recoil was ever-present (I despise bench shooting). I ran 180’s, I plan on snagging some the Black Hills offerings to wring it out.

Post Shooting Cleaning: I used the Copper Remover from SLIP2000, good stuff. A couple of wet patches got it squeaky clean. A quick patch of lube sealed the rifling from the humidity here in the moist northeast.

Overall thoughts: I really like the rifle, a good combo of a Finnish rifle, a decent American cartridge and an acceptable glass atop it. Light enough to carry, looks good, shoots fine. Two thumbs up. Oh yeah, the sling on it is AWESOME! 😉

Tikka T3 Page http://www.tikka.fi/

My next test is using some ammo from http://www.gmcammo.com/ in it, I’ll report back soon.

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