Test: Ruger LCP, Buy one NOW!

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Ruger LCP

Gosh folks…if any of you know me, you know the troubles I have had with some of the Ruger products over the years. Today this “tune” has changed.  (with a caveat).

The Ruger LCP is a SUPERB little pistol. No really, you read it here. I typed this, it’s WONDERFUL! In fact don’t bother reading the rest of this blog, just go buy one, call the local gunshop, have them hold one for ya, drive like crazy to go get it. Get ammo, lots of it.

The specs from Ruger ( http://www.ruger-firearms.com/LCP/ ):

Model: 3701 Caliber .380 Auto Capacity: 6+1 Barrel: 2.75″ Steel
Approximate Weight: 9.40 oz. Overall Length 5.16″ Overall Height: 3.6″
Overall Width: .820″ Trigger Pull Weight: 8lbs. Trigger Pull Length: .5″
Slide Finish: Blued Slide Material: Through Hardened Steel
Frame Material: High Performance Glass Filled Nylon MSRP: $330.00
COmes with soft case, one magazine, external locking device and instruction manual.

The spec from me….

A WONDERFUL compact semi auto that tucks anywhere, is reliable, is amazingly light, durable and is priced right for todays budget minded consumer (compare costs for pocket guns at TWICE this retail for the same caliber..).

So, the gun, shooting and opines (photos at the end of this article).

I went to Manchester Firing Line in Manchester NH ( http://www.gunsnh.com/ ) an excellent range, good rentals, CLEAN, and nice folks who run it.  Convenient to the airport and southern NH. A “MUST STOP” to check out the used guns, new guns and the wall of Class-3 goodness that one can rent and shoot.

Almost 100 rounds were fired from this tiny pistol. Accuracy was decent for a small defensive pistol. Sights are small, but work. Trigger is heavy (more on this later), for a non-active safety gun, this is a “good thing”. I suspect the trigger will smooth out over time, new guns can be a little gritty.

Recoil was stout due to the dimunitive size and weight of the LCP. You are only holding it with a couple of fingers and the recoil of the 380 really does give you some muzzle rise.  This is all perfectly controllable but is a pleasant surprise to have a loud bark and muzzle climb from a 380!

2 styles of ball ammo were fed, Fiocchi and American Eagle. Good ammo. I’ll add to the defensive ammo tested sometime in the future for this blog.

The good, the bad, the ugly.

Good: EXCELLENT GUN, Pricing, weight
Bad: See ugly.
Ugly: Trigger Reset. For those of you who shoot semi-autos frequently, you know about Trigger Reset. Once fired, let the trigger out till it clicks, (while using the re-aquired front sight to aim) then press for the next shot. FORGET THIS TECHNIQUE WITH THE LCP. This will cause a light primer strike (it appears to drop the hammer from a half-cock notch) and the trigger is NOT revolver-like and cannot be used for a follow up press to ignite that primer. Tap/Rack THEN press ALL THE WAY through. Reset with TWO CLICKS and it runs fine. TWO CLICKS. TWO CLICKS TWO CLICKS. Remember that. If you are a trigger slapper, then you are all set belay the last and move on.

Sidenote: This trigger reset is the SOLE reason why I have not adopted nor recommend the Para LDA Series of 1911s. I consider them a good gun, quality manufacturing, decent customer service but that trigger is damn near impossible to use for us guys who “reset with one click”.  It cannot be fixed per insiders at Para Ord. Bummer.

Ugly Part 2: As one trusted shooter whom was contacted in reference to this LCP issue. “Mr. Woodrow  Charles ” commented to me  (paraphrased) “it’s a gun to carry in your shorts who cares if it takes two clicks to reset”. Point taken. I think I am JUST being too critical of this and need to realize that some manufacturers might not be avid shooters and know what we know. (I will provide Free Classes for these folks, JUST ASK ME).

Ending thoughts: GOOD DAMN GUN, GO BUY ONE NOW!!!! (get two!)

Addendum: On deck, HP/Defensive Ammo Testing, keep an eye on this space (or email me for the results, what choked, what did not).

For those who asked, no I am not making leather for this yet, check back soon.

Update: Months and hundreds of rounds later I find the LCP as superb as I did for the initial review.

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LCP and Colt CCO



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