Training: S.H.I.T. Shooting

The “Modern Technique” is not so modern. Still taught in the deserts of Arizona and Nevada and by a scant few anachronistic traveling roadshows, these unproven and outdated ideas will soon be short, cute, entertaining and boring footnotes in the history of shooting.

CSI, Combat Sheep International, proudly presents the evolution of shooting, the SHIT-Technique.

Using the Acronym below:

We apply much of the same tried and true fundamentals of marksmanship but use the support side hand to press the trigger. No more sympathetic response from the strong side fingers while pressing the trigger, no grasping of the handgun with the 3 weakest digits in a weapon retention situation.

This is the evolution of combat shooting at it’s highest point. Easily learned with proper instruction, you can apply these SHIT techniques at your home range, backyard and living room. Experienced shooters will notice your SHIT draw, SHIT shooting and SHIT shot groups with envy.

SHIT Shooting applies to pistols, rifles, carbines and shotguns. It is the ONE technique that ALL shooters must have.

Each course is 3 days and covers the following:
Intro to your SHIT-Master Instructor
SHIT history
Application of SHIT in real world shit-u-ations.
SHIT on SHIT Simulations with Air-SHIT pistols
Post-SHIT debrief
Post-SHIT Cleanup

Each student will get a SHIT-Certificate upon course completion.

The SHIT-Techniques are guaranteed to increase your accuracy 200% and speed up to 500%. (extra percentages are available for a fee, check with your SHIT-Instructor for details, bulk purchases and group-buy deals for internet forums).

SHIT students can sign up to become SHIT-Instructors, levels of instructor status are as follows:
-SHIT Provost
-SHIT Instructor
-SHIT MASTER-Instructor

Internet forum moderators may sign up for the super-secret training and title as follows:(with matching certificate of authenticity and polo shit):

-SHIT-Secret Agent-Double-Master-Instructor (choose one) SEAL,NINJA (mall or normal) RECON, OSS, CIA, RANGER, SAS, PJ, DELTA, AR15.COM or for an extra fee(insert service and made up rank or fave online forum here)______________.

I look forward to teaching you SHIT!


The Combat Sheep (fleecing the flock one lamb at a time)


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