Saps LF


A couple of 2nds Saps from the shop….free for a Face Shooter (or two/three) in the sandbox.

AIRSOFTERS: Please order gear through the “normal channels” (ie: emailing me for one) and don’t attempt to take a freebie away from a overworked, underpaid, soldier who is on the pointy and bloody end of the spear, a place that you dorks only dream about after you go play with your fake guns in your grandma’s backyard.  Frankly I don’t care if you spent your allowance on BB’s and cheap “tactical” clothes, you are NOT getting anything free from me. If you want a freeby go the recruiters, join up, go make a difference in your life, other peoples lives, learn about freedom THEN contact me, we can talk……till then, go to ARF.com or some other lame board where you can brag about your mismatched camo, swap ghey photos of yourself in your parents basement and brag about your Xbox scores. Rant Off.



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