Para GI Expert

A Para GI Expert  was purloined yesterday.

I did a quick swabbing of it with the products from SLIP2000 (Copper cutter, pump spray, then lube with Slip2000, Erick double danke for the nod on this lube,  awesome!). I am unsure of the round count from Para but there was a serious amount of copper in the bore and it was VERY dirty.

Damn near 100 misc. rounds fired, the only bobble I had was some ANCIENT Hydrashock whilst shooting a limpwristed  Iso at 25 yards. Feeds Ranger, Ball and some other misc HP that I had on hand. Likes the para mags and shooting stars as well.

I do need to adjust the rear sight to the right a little. Not a problem, but noted.

The ONLY problem I have with this gun is the lack of a discernible reset on the trigger. This is easily fixed and will be attended too upon a serious cleaning this weekend. (Fixed: Middle spring bend forward to make reset more tangible and positive.)

I’ll need to fire a few more boxes of Ranger through it before serious carry, if it passes the test…it rides on the duty belt. (NOTE: It has passed the Duty Ammo test)

Post Test Notes: The Para GI is well manufactured and tight. I cannot swap one of my lanyard loop mainspring housing into it as it just wont fit. (other MSH’s fit in, this one wont).  This is not good or bad, just noted here.

Photos of it being unboxed, SLIP2000 cleaners/lubes and the scuz it cleaned out of it.

9.19.09 Addendum:

I had some range time yesterday, fired off a few rounds of 45 ball and duty ammo (Ranger 230Gr). Finally zero’d to where I am happy. I have one of those sight pushers which made the incremental adjustments EASY and QUICK. Good tool.

After a box or two of 45 ACP, I popped the top end off, slapped the Kimber 22 conversion unit on and ran 525 rounds (the federal bulk ammo). Only a few 22 RF related bobbles to report.  The gun and upper ran superbly and was fun to shoot!

I must say that I REALLY like the Para. I am a bit of a 1911 snob (ask anyone who knows me…) but am impressed by how well the gun runs and the fact that a normal person can afford it.

Lube of the day is still Slip 2000 EWL.  Good stuff. The dirty 22 residue just wipes off.

IDPA Match with the Expert. Approx 75 rounds fired at plates/cardboard.  It works wonderfully. I got to test some new custom ammo. SUPERB stuff!  Test results.



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