Exotics, Stingray, Hippo

I just picked up some stingray and some black hippo…who needs a rig? (I am thinking matching BBQ rigs for 1911, the Stingray Spine <white part> vertically on both the holster and mag pouch). Hippo lends itself to a scabbard style as well, black on black. The hippo has some nice grain/scarring so it’ll have some character (feels like soft, THICK suede FYI).

UPDATE: The stingray is spoken for, it will be a right handed scabbard style for a commander with matching mag pouch and potentially a belt if I can squeeze out the scraps! (I am ordering more Stingray next week!)

The Hippo needs a nice home, I have enough for a scabbard and pouch for a 1911/large auto or a couple of Yaqui Slides w/pouches. Your choice! Hippo is SOLD!

Email me if needed, andy@shottist.com


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