Andys Book Sale

All, I will be adding books throughout the week…more hardcovers, some fiction too…. check back.

The 1 dollar pile: A buck each plus shipping:

For Whom the bell tolls: Hemingway

A soldier of the great war, Helprin

Alaska Bear Tales, Kaniut

Men at War, hemingway

Clifs Note Calculus

Papillon (cover missing)

Foxfire 25 years

Bear Cub Scout Book, 1967

Great Science Fiction Stories

The Killing Zone, Downs

One minute manager to work.

John Wayne, My father, by Aissa Wayner

Research papers (SPF)

The fifth column, Hemingway

Fallen Angels, Myers

Green Hills of Africa, Hemingway

Jungle Book, Kipling

Vengenance, Marcino


Orion in the dying time, Ben Bova

The spy who came in the from the cold, John Le Carre

Literature, Hardcover by Macy

Lion of COmarre and Against the fall night, Arthur C Clarke (hardcover)

Future Fighters (hardcover)

Gun Control, Long

Billy Budd, Melville (free with any few books)

The Beautiful and Damned, F. Scott Fitsgerlad

One day in the life of Ican Denisovich, Solzhenitsyn

Book of lists, hardcover

The ghost and Mrs Muir, hardcover

Gun Control Debate, Nismet

Collective Violence, Barken

Man of Honor, Oster

NATO, Ferrara

Mugged by the state,


Guns and Violence, Malcom

The “swap me something” book pile, decent books that I paid too much for…they need good homes:

-One Round War, USMC Scout Snipers in Vietnam, Hardcover

-Hornady TAP info propaganda, 2001

-Handgun Stopping Power, Mashall/Sanow

-Realistic Defensive tactics, Peters

-Defensive Tactics with flashlights, Peters

-Persuader manual- Monadnock

-Police Survival and weapons use, Hill

-Police Nonlethal Force Manual, Clede

-Bullet Effect and Shock power, Hatcher, pamphlet

-Kubotan Techniques

-Hikuta, the art of controlled violence.

HardCovers: $2

Rhodes of Africa (Cecil Rhodes etc)

The honey badger, Ruark

Kipling Stories

Death in the afternoon, Hemingway


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