1911 Build

NOTE: Check the links on the right side of this page for “duracoat” check out the refinish on my 1911 duty gun and a project gun I built.




My weekend project:
I’m a  lifelong 1911 shooter, as such I have a couple of toolboxes FULL of misc parts. I did a quick inventory of the parts and found that I could put together a decent 1911 with spares on hand.
A quick call to Foster Industries (Co-Company of Caspian Arms) netted me a blemised/discounted recon-race ready frame with the integral mag well for a SUPERB price (Seth Bishop is the sales-dude’s name, AWESOME service before, during and after the sale!).

A midnight webpage run to Midway USA  for a refinish kit to try and some of the teensy-weensy parts that were not in inventory.

While I had a beater slide on hand, this gun needed something other than garbage, a quick persual of some forums and I snagged a SS Springfield slide. (M4G, You rock bro, danke!).

I had the gun up and running and prefitted with the parts on hand. The frame was oversized  but was VERY close to spec for the slide and some filing got it done quickly. The gun runs….

I purchased a refnish kit from Midway made by Wheeler, a spray and bake product claiming to be tough. I use duracoat in the shop on my sling hardware and wanted to try something new/different for this product.  I did the surface prep and coated/baked per instructions. Awesome matte black 1911 goodness.  NOTE: the rattle can BARELY does one 1911, BARELY. Order two cans if you go this route.

This morning I tackled assembly. I note that this coating is VERY thick and had to be removed in certain areas (barrel underside, frame rails etc) It wasd EASILY scraped off with a pocket knife and a fingernail (!?).  That foreboding of uber-badness was upon me. A bit of scraping and fitting had the gun together quickly. A quick lube of SLIP 2000 Oil to make things slide and have some corrosion proofing  made everything slick and smooth.

Stocks are from JoJo’s in Ct, they make them there and while these were destined for my duty gun, I found them rather handsome on this gun and might keep them there.

Photos attached (or in blog link) .
Finish:  This finish could be unsat. Each time I handle the gun some of it flakes off. This was after meticulous surface prep. I shall report further at a later date once I do some serious shooting.
Misc Parts: Awaiting sights and slide stop/Safety spring/pins, these launched themselves somewhere in the shop in some dark recess, never to be seen again.

Stocks: http://jojosgunworks.com/jojo/index.php
Parts: http://www.midwayusa.com/
Coating: http://www.midwayusa.com/viewproduct/?productnumber=455475
Frame: http://www.fosterind.com/ Talk to Seth

What I do when I am not hammering a 1911 together or driving a patrol car: www.shottist.com


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