1911 BBQ Holsters

Fresh from the bench in my leather shop…PILES of BBQ rigs for the 1911.

I have two black Stingray Yaqui slides left, a few faux leathers as well, lizard, tortoise and leopard.

Some photos of my normal offerings are listed too. Chestnut, Walnut and Black bridle leather Yaqui Slides as well as a few of my black Scabbards Style. I have one Lefty Chestnut Scabbard that is not shown.

Gunpal preferred but I will take Paypal as well.


Stingray: $80

Black righty 1911 scabbards. Normally $55, Sale $50

Faux Tortoise or Purple Lizard $55

Faux Leopard   $55

Pink Yaqui Slides, one with black thread one with white. $55

Yaqui’s, bridle leather $45

All prices include shipping CONUS.

Thanks for looking,



PS a few saps are shown, 2 are blemished… email for more info.


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